About NHP

NINTH HOUR Productions is an award-winning, full-service, faith-based content creation & video production company in Greenville, SC.

We have experience with idea creation, TV production, commercial production, and independent feature film production for both theatrical and non theatrical release. We also do our fair share of web video production, promos and corporate gigs in Greenville.

At NHP, We Imagine, Create, and Make stories. We are digital storytellers.

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Our Culture

At NHP we strive to imagine, create and make stories whether these stories are for our clients or our own orginal works. We are digital storytellers.

It all starts with...

telling a story, whether it's a corporate interview, commercial, or theatrical feature in Greenville. Good stories seem simple on the surface but as you peel back the layers you'll find all sorts of things happening to make that story engage and connect with people. And that's what you want your story to do, captivate.

It all ends with...

top notch production support from concept to screen. Make sure the team helping you tell your story has the same amount of desire as you do to make your story the best it can be. If we're not 100% sure we can tell your story how you want it told, we'll refer you to another company who can.

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Our Greenville Video Production Services

We are Greenville, South Carolina's premiere full service video production company and can help you with concept creation, writing, post-production, digital cinema and video production and everything in between.

A good idea engages, a great idea captivates.

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Check out our latest work from Greenville and all over the world!

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ProTec Security

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Accidents Commercial 1

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Accidents Commercial 2

Palmetto Pride

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Accidents Commercial 3

Palmetto Pride

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Comfe Designs

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The Chef Auction

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Entrusted Teaser

NINTH HOUR Productions

Camps Abroad Documentary

the Philippines

Camps Abroad

The Sereer Documentary

The Sereer

Sailwind Pictures

Journey Through the Bible

Journey Through The Bible

Mud Creek Media

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